Best Wedding Dresses

Exposed to a large collection of beautiful wedding effort

The first in the 19th century was born of a wedding dress, put on the British Queen Victoria dressed in white, trailing up to 18 feet brocade dress, entered the marriage hall, from stunning the world. Since then, the wedding dress to doing my part to become the dream of all women on the planet. Every bride wear into the wedding, all deserved to be the most dazzling beautiful woman.
"Unmarried girl looking forward to have a wedding dress Vera Wong, a married woman that often miss their pieces through the Vera Wong" "I'm fanatical obsession and wind design" "I always wear the kind worn by Princess Diana into classical palace Wedding "" I do not want any duplication. " For beautiful eyes gradually into the squandering of the wedding world, and how to pick the best pieces that highlight the advantages of their own wedding dress, found the pieces perfectly tailored for their own wedding is every bride has to face a top priority. So, this dream about the perfect wedding from the moment it opened.

Sexy collarbone
If your shoulders clear lines, straight, rounded shoulders and tight abundance, but also has a clear outline, the depth of the right clavicle attractive, then we must boldly show, please come, collar, Tee, oblique, etc. and other fine articles in the shoulder spare design, great for your beautiful neck charm.

Tube or large boat neck design, making the wedding the bride and the scapular neck sexy Paul formed a mutually reinforcing impact and showing sexy Body in the elegant, high-light the shadow of the clavicle is the beauty of the skin increased the tempo of the rhythm, looming in the breast shape is perfect to highlight even more the bride and the capacity of fiber Run skinny beautiful features.

Slender legs

If you have a pair of slender legs real flesh and blood even, even the knees are born too sleek, smooth skin, not the least bit of regret fat and rough skin, smart bride, Come show them boldly, because it really is God gives you a lucky gift.

Both types of short section near Evening Dresses, or long and short in front, perspective or side open dress, can be the perfect showcase to the maximum extent the bride beautiful legs. Meanwhile, the petite bride, is also very suitable for this light and lively style, the show does not lose to the proportion of T sets of beautiful models.

Choose to display long legs, then legs, the skin is very eye-catching presence, including exfoliation, massage, removal of edema, whitening important lessons, etc., often months in advance will be carried out again. Also, choose a pair of beautiful wedding shoes, also need to put on the agenda was.

The temptation to back the United States

For the bride, one can show their sexy back beautiful wedding, it is very worthy of consideration. Imagine, line extension, but smooth and soft white smooth curve back slightly in the first yarn under cover, will be the matchless beauty of the landscape it.

Whether it is a simple halter dress, or the hollow behind the design of the wedding, exposing the back of the line and the skin is unavoidable. This not only test the bride for their level of confidence back muscles, skin care is also on the main event, after all, to kill off acne and acne, can be described as a huge project. But if you can have like a beautiful mermaid princess back, is not all to pay to have the value of the ticket value back to it.


Perfect Curve

Yingying a grip of the slender waist, rounded hips and full breasts, such as mildly flowing graceful posture, yet slim body abundance. Slim patch those wonderful fish-tail Red Wedding Dresses, that is, the devil in order to have the perfect preparation for your curves.

Jinzhai fit tailoring, is aimed at the bride's self-confidence and diet on the body will repair the body launched a powerful offensive. But when you dressed like a confident posture curve highlights the perfect wedding in front of everybody, I believe the title of such praise the goddess, should be merged into the audience most enthusiastic voice!

Elements of popular wedding

Want to add to your big day more impressive elements? Want your wedding fashion and trendy it? The following season marked the biggest fashion trends, with a look.

New 3D paper
This menu really jumped out from the plate, but it is, but 3D. This interesting interaction can now be applied to make seating cards, menu cards and wedding date tips. Just do not forget to provide the right glasses

New ice cake
Before the wedding there will be bright candy sandwich, and now as improved dessert, sparkling and crystal sugar flower decorated with four large cake delicious and seductive.

New Photo Gallery
You can show family albums to make their own wedding full of personality: the couple from childhood photographs from various periods, and even parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents wedding photo. Out rules, and create their own charm. Some interesting classic photos, capture the photos are a good choice.

New party food
After dinner, went to the cocktail hour. Everyone loves sweets, many guests choose to pack away the vegetables tempura (just as those wrapped in newspaper and green beans in the same).

New no flower bouquet
Flowers will always be everyone's favorite, but now is another name for oneself in the moment of a material. Cotton! Yes, that such a plant. Its first appearance, looks white and fluffy, soft texture, great texture.

New ribbon
DIY enthusiasts, come meet your new friends. With Japan "and the paper" made of "happy belt" includes you can imagine the colors of the various shapes of paper tape. Compared to traditional tape, it was thinner, and easier to use. Look, these boxes, bags and sealed envelopes quickly folded out. What used to be such a type never before!

New Calligraphy
If we say that graffiti is a new calligraphy, you will think of the kind of mess up the original? Certainly not. More artists using unconventional methods of writing, more is always to say that their avant-garde fashion statement.

New whistle music
This is comparable to DJ shouted, "Finally a dance" more interesting. It sounded more like the voice of paper garlands, balloons still ringing off the hook sound. If the party must end, at least to "bang" to end soon, to discuss a bustling festive luck.

Broadwood small to be a bridesmaid

Nothing new in the Chi-Yao Huang Rui red bridesmaid has to taste the taste of greasy, fast-paced in a tight wedding, bridesmaid more eager to physical and mental relaxation. So, ease the tension and stress as the color of blue-green dress in the season series lead, as the maid of honor favorite.
In order to perfect their show in front of everyone without the bride and "rivalry", which indeed is a tricky thing. Celebrities look a bridesmaid and equipment, although the design is different, different colors, but the nature of departure, it seems wise that they have followed three principles: Today you are the protagonist, Well I'll come when your perfect green leaves, Quinceanera Dresses color Department I would like to "non-mainstream", choose neither white, red to be careful; my sexy not just wrap a piece of cloth, the right combination of elements can spell sexy; jewelry selection can not be polished bright, and sometimes can be low-key luxury. Integrated three principles, survival of the fittest win blue-green of dress will result, and love for you goes to end to five exquisite charming bridesmaid dress, May you have a fresh happy wedding!

Department of sweet but not greasy blue-green printing.
Bridesmaid dresses this season, printing is still the focus. Different from previous tropical, refreshing light blue, green is not only this season through the air conditioning and color, but also make the people around cool and comfortable. Green print dress from Erdem, bid farewell to the past, dress and skirt length and publicity to the color of the lines highlighted in the light of the exquisite bridesmaid figure, add the fresh print on the bridesmaid's sweet temperament, so you instantly become a bride the best partner!


Flowers blue-green embodiment of oxygen girls.
Printing plants can be described as popular this year, Stella McCartney put this Colored Flower Girl Dresses, flowers and "transplant" on it, creative, beam design allows the neck unconventional dress, high heels with a nude color, more slender leg line , printed with flowers and embraced the reality, so that the maid of honor a little more oxygen girls feel.

Sexy leopard blue energize.
The wedding is not starshow, it sacred and solemn, if blindly go naked sexy routes will not discuss like you become frivolous, but really sexy love knot that is the essence, the flavor comes out, the light blue from Blumarine Leopard, so the maid of honor refreshing, and interspersed with the white lines, but also played a color convergence, decorative effect, with a fringed bag and shoes the same color, like a vibrant sexy Barbie.

Women need to dim the United States.
Xiang Wu for like a cloud of feminine, but charm not catch more than survival. As this Monique Lhuillier Seafoam green shift dress, upper body wrapped in Greek design, dignified and sacred; perspective on effects of lower body skirt just to show the long, slim legs, double fabric overlay, like a cloud of mist, hazy psychedelic, very beautiful.

Fluorescence fun, retro cute.
Christian Dior fluorescence package full of fun, lovely type is suitable for bridesmaids, retro look, small printing, small swaying skirt, fluorescent blue satin sandals, really pocketed the eyes of others. The green dress like a sprout-like, can be a good play down the facial spots, brighten skin tone.

Fantasy yarn of choice to marry

If you are a gorgeous control, if you prefer maverick different, if you want to be the most Splendid bride, then the dream to bring the United States at the forefront of yarn wedding information will not let you down, each models are to a very strong sense of design to bring stunning visual effects, so that people unable to resist.

1. Ornate elements: complex flouncing
Jenny Lee of this work will be woven silk and gauze Yebian body in the dress, the actual situation phase, creating a very beautiful visual effects, like a tree standing flowers Kingston, highlight the lovely tender and feminine, romantic and aesthetic.

2. Ornate elements: a large heart-shaped embroidery tail
Gorgeous heart-shaped embroidery is undoubtedly a large tailing most eye-catching highlight of this wedding, St.Pucchi texture of this Homecoming Dresses already full of fascinating gloss, gill-type pattern determined to a large tail not only wedding more was unique, but also underscores the power of Queen as the gas field, especially for tall bride noble temperament.

3. Ornate elements: rich lace
Monique Lhuillier's work continues the graceful beauty of this retro style palace, the beautiful delicate lace dress applied to the entire body, great classical and romantic feelings, to create a beautiful bride and fine temperament.

4. Ornate elements: palace dance clothes

In de Santo wedding was inspired by this court dance wear, tutu with lace wrapped chest to create a pure elegance, put on a large tutu also attracted a very strong sense of being guests of sight to make bride to become the absolute focus of the audience.


5. Ornate elements: light feather

Fashion Week in the wedding season, the plume became hot; Carolina Herrera This works the shoulders and skirt in the use of a large number of tail feathers, creating a sense of lightness like clouds, so that the bride Xianqi full of great fantastic colors.

Candy colored bridesmaid dress

Spring and summer wedding the most important keyword is "the colors", starting from the bridesmaid dress, so as wedding candy colored bridesmaids attractive scenery. Make your wedding as a bridesmaid are the most beautiful memory.

Brilliant pink
Round neck sleeveless knee-length bridesmaid Evening Dresses, beautiful flowers in full bloom was like, suitable for fair-skinned maid of honor. Light up the wedding colors, lively yet dignified.

Long sleeve light coral red bridesmaid dress, breast fold demure retro, elegant long skirt make bridesmaid filling feminine atmosphere.

Party Dresses sense of excellent quality, suitable for petite maid of honor. Toast the bride choose to dress as you can.

Red berries
Deep V Neck sleeveless dress, the use of tie-dye process so that the skirt is full of irregular changes, for sexy maid of honor.

Yellow mustard
Deep V Special Occasion Dresses, bright colors, especially for a sunny spring and summer wedding, demure but full of feminine charm.

Home DIY fun fabric adds a new house

  The modern family, the fabric being more and more people of all ages, as a "soft decoration" in the home with unique charm, which adorned the people wore as decoration, not only soften the rigid lines of interior space, more room to give a warm style.
Cut off flowers
  Materials needed: a wide gauze fabric, lead sinkers, curtain hanging rod.
  Small family home has been renovated Raiders do not use mandatory in the proposed cut off, the market may wish to select their favorite piece of fabric to produce their own personality full of soft partition, in order to emphasize a sense of light, you can choose gauze fabric, if you want to drape well, on the choice of fabric or rigid end of the gauze fitted with lead sinkers.

Romantic little bow
  Materials needed: thin strips checked cloth, glue or double-sided adhesive.
  Check popularity of the fashion industry, in order to also catch up with this stylish home, simply to find articles plaid, free to play a bow, glue or glue directly behind the double sided tape, stick it in the bed of small lights plain , the atmosphere immediately different, this is another style of fabric, make the room more than one fashion element.
Warm Love Knitting
  Materials needed: thick knitting, yarn.
  Although her mother had not wear hand-woven sweaters, but in the women return to today, to learn some simple coarse fabric knitting patterns, knitting bag to their own by some "winter wool coat," not only has a deep sense of nostalgia, but also make their own room with intimate warmth. With the expected improvement of skills, but also gradually weaving a complex color and pattern, the additional home decorating fun.

Heart-shaped bag by sewing
  Materials needed: fabric, scissors, needle and thread, lace.
Very practical small pillows on the bed, whether it is relying on when reading, or sleeping arms around, are very comfortable and intimate. In fact, it's also very easy to make, even clumsy, half a day can get, and then decorated with lace, by a unique heart-shaped package will be resplendent born.

Hyperchromic sequins
  Materials needed: sequins, needle and thread.
  Back embroidery with national characteristics are suitable for decorating space, will be dotted with brilliant pink fabrics in the bed, and play the same style packaging was plain by the bedroom. But the assembly line is always out of something people feel dull and less of bright colors, this time may wish to conduct it with some sequins from the re-design will immediately make a difference. The arrangement and number of sequins can be controlled according to their own aesthetic, the difficulty is not high, but the effect is remarkable.
Add flavor to bath
  Materials needed: gauze curtains, tassels fall.
  Today, Bath has a way of life, in particular, focus on bath atmosphere of the surrounding environment, usually in the bathroom environment is chilled in the bath and walls, to make bath time more pleasant mood, may wish to hang around in the bathtub Shazhi drapery, to create a romantic atmosphere in the looming, but usually not in use, you can also fall with a selection of curtain tassel tie up lines for decoration, it is another round of flavor.

Temperament bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids were the summer, launched by the simone carvalli bridesmaid dress so his eyes bright, vibrant colors, elegant texture are a perfect wedding of the pursuit of the highest quality. Just look at the models were the effects of test equipment is not a return to the film version of "Sex and the City" feeling? To be married brides, bridesmaids color to your summer.

Department of the color of the bridesmaid dresses heavy

If you do not want Quinceanera Dresses can not be too conspicuous not to be too elegant, hand cover the bride's thunder, then the color can choose some of the heavy side.

The bright colors of the dress fast

If you want some of your wedding beautiful and lively, then the Elegant Wedding Dresses you can choose some light and bright colors.

Bridesmaid dress flower folds modified

If you want to be a bridesmaid for the United States and the United States, then the Classic Bridesmaid Dresses can also be modified by adding some elements, such as flowers, folds and the like.

Changing multi-color dress

Bridesmaid wedding should be light and lively element, multi-colored bridesmaid dress can also be volatile, so the wedding has become more crowded.

Valentino 2011 Spring elegant dress

In the "neutral wind" flooded the fashion industry today, clean lines, clear cut, the use of leather became more and more choice for designers, full of joy and characteristics of female independence unique fashion style. After several quarters after the fashion cycle, is reserved for women this wonderful style of the characteristics of some heavy, and whether they may miss as elegant as Grace Kelly women breath?

"If the representatives of fashion now, so now return to the formal elegance of the moment." This is Pier Paolo Piccioli High Fashion Week in 2011 in the spring and summer season for Valentino design the most perfect summary. Exquisite lace, bows, flowers, crushed pleat fold is Chiuri and Piccioli pumping two designers of the classic logo design, in the delicate "air sense" behind the heavy pen emphasis on process, like the late 18th century, pure and gentle girl atmosphere.

Homecoming Dresses in light shine, from the beads with a combination of lotus leaf tissue cyclic pattern of the classic design, a complex distribution of female beauty sincere personality.

Rich layering of the nude color gown fell to the ground, the gradient of tulle and hand-made beads are intertwined, as if the moment came from the deep, turned into a mermaid princess, confident and sophisticated.

Oblique Simple Wedding Dresses has always been the best tool for shaping the image of the goddess, neck camlet designed to add a sense of surprise, coupled with sophisticated and appropriate makeup face, like the wedding is definitely worth bearing in mind that the days of his life in the best look.

Gift fluffy skirt always make you a prime focus of high quality goods, chiffon and tulle skirt will make you walk the course seemed clear and elegant, whether intellectual Obscure Wedding Dresses With Embellishment sleeveless jacket, or sexy oblique enchanting lace veil, the wedding can be highlighted in the status of its protagonist.

Long dark veil gives the Department of irresistible mystery over the body of the light-colored petals decorating the whole body seems to linger in the butterfly, so beautiful to forbear with each bride to open the maverick "secret."

This skirt is definitely the crowning touch to the show, fine too Fabin, the gradient of the lace, the skirt overlay are reminiscent of the inspiration for the show "Joan of Arc." Strong and pure feminine character of the noble and holy woman this dress are so vividly demonstrated, it represents the feminine beauty, but also celebrate the purity of love, to weave the most beautiful brides dream.

Slim bride wedding

Tee and strap design in recent years become the bride wedding dress hot, Bra straps designed wedding and the bride's figure out a more perfect foil, so that as the protagonist of the bride at the wedding a beautiful focus.

Simple wedding style shoulder strap

Simple wedding style shoulder strap design, selection of material for a heavy sense of personal style cut design, wedding mentioned above, bright white printing the whole wedding gloss, white flower-like design is this dotting the bride wedding of the pen. Off this Homecoming Dresses, more graceful, more will set off the beauty of the bride.

Bra-style wedding dress layering

Bra style with a layered design of the wedding the bride's body set off a more elegant, wide waist skirt design and the design of personal contrast, will set off the bride petite body more graceful scene, so the bride sex appeal through this show out the perfect Simple Wedding Dresses.

Fold a large white wedding dress skirt

Simple models of the bride wedding dress, with a beautiful Korean taste, fold in white skirt design is big wedding the bride's favorite past few years, this style design of the wedding the bride also has a noble sense of luxury, the bride set off even more elegant.

Simple models of the bride wedding

Simple models of the bride wedding design, very simple crop cultivation, but revealed a surge in the casual atmosphere of luxury, especially the bride's elegant set off, so that the bride wore Wedding Dresses With Embellishment, the perfect bride's elegance unfolded.

6 creative hands flowers red

Holding flowers given to the United States has been the significance of the bride walking down the aisle holding it to witness the wedding of the happy moment. The unmarried men and women receiving the holding the flower, you get the best blessing. In addition to critical system hands the color of flowers, white, elegant powder blue and yellow, the red flower balls that two years doing my part, loved by many newcomers.

Noble red velvet

Holding flowers composed of red roses, though not close tight, but each petal is drawn points to show the texture of velvet, with scattered green dress, the noble sense of immediately apparent. Of course, this sense of maturity the flowers to match the wedding dress, lace and crystal dress are appropriate choice.

Warm low-key

Attached to a layer of bright color coat low-key, sophisticated and detailed the changes that will make you looked at, can not help but lament the bride's delicate and vibrant inner. With a simple wedding dress, holding flowers that looked holding endure, every exquisite detail of interest in life are revealed.

Bit by bit the innocent taste

Bright red flower, crushing the petals, touch hands tightly solid favorite of young brides, a little embellishment, or small white flowers, or the shiny little pearls are lovely details . This bouquet put in the hands of real, as the pace of the shake, flowers, small against the background of a pure bride.

Warm Mexican style

Even light walking, you can feel the rich taste of wild and unrestrained. Calla's atmosphere and tension, combined with the warm Ju, holding flowers in the shape of a sense of unique, full of movement. Short Bra thin gold chain jewelry wedding and the bride with a passion for choice, you are the protagonist of the wedding, why not dance to it?

Full house Tingfan children

Yingying smile girl, dressed in pastel wedding, holding the house holding hands full of flowers Tingfan children, walked slowly, vividly painting the wedding scene. Indoor wedding chasing light warm tones of the flowers on to play in this, and the bride echo, the effect is particularly moving. Red lips and black hair is more prominent noble sense of the bride.

Warm Indian Ju

Western-style wedding in the outdoors love you, be sure to consider such a combination. Indian Chrysanthemum variety of colors, but their simple shapes, the composition of the different color brightness jump feeling full hands and flowers, especially under the sun moving. The overall shape of the flower varies quite a lot of natural flavor.

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Create a top destination wedding

Party Dresses 

Seems not so hard to organize a wedding reception guests two hundred people, including seven bridesmaids and six groomsmen, a photographer, a DJ and two mothers, arrange for them to get away Chihaohehao! However, if the wedding is the place thousands of miles away from home at it (a small matter may become complicated)? Perhaps no one agree with your crazy ideas, and no one makes you take a ride, but you chosen to stick to their own ideas. Yes, watching you with love became a destination wedding tips, you must be able to sit back and relax!

Married to grasp the detailed information as soon as possible

Preparing as soon as possible. After all, other than long-distance off-site wedding wedding planning more complicated. Need to stay organized, planned every detail. Personally inspected before the trip, should also be investigated by telephone to finalize matters. Upon arrival do not dawdle, delay time, the need to things to do with that person all set to see Caixing. Compared with the local couples, and you have to spend twice as much energy and time arrangements.

Long-range decision-making power to inspire

For the good times of stress. So you can understand: you can not always just sort out their own ideas, hesitant. You have to work within a strict time frame, and requires you to make decisions quickly. You will find, if you give yourself a weekend to find a wedding location, you can find. Long-range decision-making power can inspire you.

Commissioned a friend to help

If you trust the person can take the initiative to lend a hand to help you share some responsibilities and obligations would be better. If they will also appear in the wedding scene, when they can perform their duties. Any of their fresh ideas and opinions you may wish to consider. Each bridesmaid also shoulder their responsibilities are: who can help in finding a Florist, you can do a DJ, who can be your photographer.

The wedding must be carefully prepared products

Organizing a wedding is essential to prepare a lot of things, such as guest book, bridesmaid gifts, wedding shoes and so on. If you want all the items are in place for a wedding is not easy to do, so it is best to abandon the idea. Contractors with the wedding of your last meeting, with some things to help save them. Also looking for your family such as your aunt, in-laws to help you share save some. In short you in advance with a thing of the past, the more you would not be close to the wedding this week distracted. Required before the wedding all the things listed in a list, there is necessary to note.

In this package to provide you with a tip, no matter what you buy you have to pack to take home. However, make sure to make your wedding enough space. If you received a lot of wedding gifts, ask your folks to help you take home after your honeymoon to take or send them back.

Many people will give you Giving money, cash direct it up, but if it is a gift to other heavy metals such as gold and so have to make their preparations early.

The end of the sound of a perfect wedding praise

Off-site preparation for such a wedding, you may consume twice as much time and effort. Bride wig booked in advance and cosmetics, to study, you were holding the wedding in advance of the city. The groom it, do not forget to leave home before the haircut yo. No matter how many nods of approval for your wedding how well organized, you must really want to hear, "You look so beautiful!".
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