6 creative hands flowers red

Holding flowers given to the United States has been the significance of the bride walking down the aisle holding it to witness the wedding of the happy moment. The unmarried men and women receiving the holding the flower, you get the best blessing. In addition to critical system hands the color of flowers, white, elegant powder blue and yellow, the red flower balls that two years doing my part, loved by many newcomers.

Noble red velvet

Holding flowers composed of red roses, though not close tight, but each petal is drawn points to show the texture of velvet, with scattered green dress, the noble sense of immediately apparent. Of course, this sense of maturity the flowers to match the wedding dress, lace and crystal dress are appropriate choice.

Warm low-key

Attached to a layer of bright color coat low-key, sophisticated and detailed the changes that will make you looked at, can not help but lament the bride's delicate and vibrant inner. With a simple wedding dress, holding flowers that looked holding endure, every exquisite detail of interest in life are revealed.

Bit by bit the innocent taste

Bright red flower, crushing the petals, touch hands tightly solid favorite of young brides, a little embellishment, or small white flowers, or the shiny little pearls are lovely details . This bouquet put in the hands of real, as the pace of the shake, flowers, small against the background of a pure bride.

Warm Mexican style

Even light walking, you can feel the rich taste of wild and unrestrained. Calla's atmosphere and tension, combined with the warm Ju, holding flowers in the shape of a sense of unique, full of movement. Short Bra thin gold chain jewelry wedding and the bride with a passion for choice, you are the protagonist of the wedding, why not dance to it?

Full house Tingfan children

Yingying smile girl, dressed in pastel wedding, holding the house holding hands full of flowers Tingfan children, walked slowly, vividly painting the wedding scene. Indoor wedding chasing light warm tones of the flowers on to play in this, and the bride echo, the effect is particularly moving. Red lips and black hair is more prominent noble sense of the bride.

Warm Indian Ju

Western-style wedding in the outdoors love you, be sure to consider such a combination. Indian Chrysanthemum variety of colors, but their simple shapes, the composition of the different color brightness jump feeling full hands and flowers, especially under the sun moving. The overall shape of the flower varies quite a lot of natural flavor.

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