Valentino 2011 Spring elegant dress

In the "neutral wind" flooded the fashion industry today, clean lines, clear cut, the use of leather became more and more choice for designers, full of joy and characteristics of female independence unique fashion style. After several quarters after the fashion cycle, is reserved for women this wonderful style of the characteristics of some heavy, and whether they may miss as elegant as Grace Kelly women breath?

"If the representatives of fashion now, so now return to the formal elegance of the moment." This is Pier Paolo Piccioli High Fashion Week in 2011 in the spring and summer season for Valentino design the most perfect summary. Exquisite lace, bows, flowers, crushed pleat fold is Chiuri and Piccioli pumping two designers of the classic logo design, in the delicate "air sense" behind the heavy pen emphasis on process, like the late 18th century, pure and gentle girl atmosphere.

Homecoming Dresses in light shine, from the beads with a combination of lotus leaf tissue cyclic pattern of the classic design, a complex distribution of female beauty sincere personality.

Rich layering of the nude color gown fell to the ground, the gradient of tulle and hand-made beads are intertwined, as if the moment came from the deep, turned into a mermaid princess, confident and sophisticated.

Oblique Simple Wedding Dresses has always been the best tool for shaping the image of the goddess, neck camlet designed to add a sense of surprise, coupled with sophisticated and appropriate makeup face, like the wedding is definitely worth bearing in mind that the days of his life in the best look.

Gift fluffy skirt always make you a prime focus of high quality goods, chiffon and tulle skirt will make you walk the course seemed clear and elegant, whether intellectual Obscure Wedding Dresses With Embellishment sleeveless jacket, or sexy oblique enchanting lace veil, the wedding can be highlighted in the status of its protagonist.

Long dark veil gives the Department of irresistible mystery over the body of the light-colored petals decorating the whole body seems to linger in the butterfly, so beautiful to forbear with each bride to open the maverick "secret."

This skirt is definitely the crowning touch to the show, fine too Fabin, the gradient of the lace, the skirt overlay are reminiscent of the inspiration for the show "Joan of Arc." Strong and pure feminine character of the noble and holy woman this dress are so vividly demonstrated, it represents the feminine beauty, but also celebrate the purity of love, to weave the most beautiful brides dream.

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