Broadwood small to be a bridesmaid

Nothing new in the Chi-Yao Huang Rui red bridesmaid has to taste the taste of greasy, fast-paced in a tight wedding, bridesmaid more eager to physical and mental relaxation. So, ease the tension and stress as the color of blue-green dress in the season series lead, as the maid of honor favorite.
In order to perfect their show in front of everyone without the bride and "rivalry", which indeed is a tricky thing. Celebrities look a bridesmaid and equipment, although the design is different, different colors, but the nature of departure, it seems wise that they have followed three principles: Today you are the protagonist, Well I'll come when your perfect green leaves, Quinceanera Dresses color Department I would like to "non-mainstream", choose neither white, red to be careful; my sexy not just wrap a piece of cloth, the right combination of elements can spell sexy; jewelry selection can not be polished bright, and sometimes can be low-key luxury. Integrated three principles, survival of the fittest win blue-green of dress will result, and love for you goes to end to five exquisite charming bridesmaid dress, May you have a fresh happy wedding!

Department of sweet but not greasy blue-green printing.
Bridesmaid dresses this season, printing is still the focus. Different from previous tropical, refreshing light blue, green is not only this season through the air conditioning and color, but also make the people around cool and comfortable. Green print dress from Erdem, bid farewell to the past, dress and skirt length and publicity to the color of the lines highlighted in the light of the exquisite bridesmaid figure, add the fresh print on the bridesmaid's sweet temperament, so you instantly become a bride the best partner!


Flowers blue-green embodiment of oxygen girls.
Printing plants can be described as popular this year, Stella McCartney put this Colored Flower Girl Dresses, flowers and "transplant" on it, creative, beam design allows the neck unconventional dress, high heels with a nude color, more slender leg line , printed with flowers and embraced the reality, so that the maid of honor a little more oxygen girls feel.

Sexy leopard blue energize.
The wedding is not starshow, it sacred and solemn, if blindly go naked sexy routes will not discuss like you become frivolous, but really sexy love knot that is the essence, the flavor comes out, the light blue from Blumarine Leopard, so the maid of honor refreshing, and interspersed with the white lines, but also played a color convergence, decorative effect, with a fringed bag and shoes the same color, like a vibrant sexy Barbie.

Women need to dim the United States.
Xiang Wu for like a cloud of feminine, but charm not catch more than survival. As this Monique Lhuillier Seafoam green shift dress, upper body wrapped in Greek design, dignified and sacred; perspective on effects of lower body skirt just to show the long, slim legs, double fabric overlay, like a cloud of mist, hazy psychedelic, very beautiful.

Fluorescence fun, retro cute.
Christian Dior fluorescence package full of fun, lovely type is suitable for bridesmaids, retro look, small printing, small swaying skirt, fluorescent blue satin sandals, really pocketed the eyes of others. The green dress like a sprout-like, can be a good play down the facial spots, brighten skin tone.

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