Home DIY fun fabric adds a new house

  The modern family, the fabric being more and more people of all ages, as a "soft decoration" in the home with unique charm, which adorned the people wore as decoration, not only soften the rigid lines of interior space, more room to give a warm style.
Cut off flowers
  Materials needed: a wide gauze fabric, lead sinkers, curtain hanging rod.
  Small family home has been renovated Raiders do not use mandatory in the proposed cut off, the market may wish to select their favorite piece of fabric to produce their own personality full of soft partition, in order to emphasize a sense of light, you can choose gauze fabric, if you want to drape well, on the choice of fabric or rigid end of the gauze fitted with lead sinkers.

Romantic little bow
  Materials needed: thin strips checked cloth, glue or double-sided adhesive.
  Check popularity of the fashion industry, in order to also catch up with this stylish home, simply to find articles plaid, free to play a bow, glue or glue directly behind the double sided tape, stick it in the bed of small lights plain , the atmosphere immediately different, this is another style of fabric, make the room more than one fashion element.
Warm Love Knitting
  Materials needed: thick knitting, yarn.
  Although her mother had not wear hand-woven sweaters, but in the women return to today, to learn some simple coarse fabric knitting patterns, knitting bag to their own by some "winter wool coat," not only has a deep sense of nostalgia, but also make their own room with intimate warmth. With the expected improvement of skills, but also gradually weaving a complex color and pattern, the additional home decorating fun.

Heart-shaped bag by sewing
  Materials needed: fabric, scissors, needle and thread, lace.
Very practical small pillows on the bed, whether it is relying on when reading, or sleeping arms around, are very comfortable and intimate. In fact, it's also very easy to make, even clumsy, half a day can get, and then decorated with lace, by a unique heart-shaped package will be resplendent born.

Hyperchromic sequins
  Materials needed: sequins, needle and thread.
  Back embroidery with national characteristics are suitable for decorating space, will be dotted with brilliant pink fabrics in the bed, and play the same style packaging was plain by the bedroom. But the assembly line is always out of something people feel dull and less of bright colors, this time may wish to conduct it with some sequins from the re-design will immediately make a difference. The arrangement and number of sequins can be controlled according to their own aesthetic, the difficulty is not high, but the effect is remarkable.
Add flavor to bath
  Materials needed: gauze curtains, tassels fall.
  Today, Bath has a way of life, in particular, focus on bath atmosphere of the surrounding environment, usually in the bathroom environment is chilled in the bath and walls, to make bath time more pleasant mood, may wish to hang around in the bathtub Shazhi drapery, to create a romantic atmosphere in the looming, but usually not in use, you can also fall with a selection of curtain tassel tie up lines for decoration, it is another round of flavor.

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