Exposed to a large collection of beautiful wedding effort

The first in the 19th century was born of a wedding dress, put on the British Queen Victoria dressed in white, trailing up to 18 feet brocade dress, entered the marriage hall, from stunning the world. Since then, the wedding dress to doing my part to become the dream of all women on the planet. Every bride wear into the wedding, all deserved to be the most dazzling beautiful woman.
"Unmarried girl looking forward to have a wedding dress Vera Wong, a married woman that often miss their pieces through the Vera Wong" "I'm fanatical obsession and wind design" "I always wear the kind worn by Princess Diana into classical palace Wedding "" I do not want any duplication. " For beautiful eyes gradually into the squandering of the wedding world, and how to pick the best pieces that highlight the advantages of their own wedding dress, found the pieces perfectly tailored for their own wedding is every bride has to face a top priority. So, this dream about the perfect wedding from the moment it opened.

Sexy collarbone
If your shoulders clear lines, straight, rounded shoulders and tight abundance, but also has a clear outline, the depth of the right clavicle attractive, then we must boldly show, please come, collar, Tee, oblique, etc. and other fine articles in the shoulder spare design, great for your beautiful neck charm.

Tube or large boat neck design, making the wedding the bride and the scapular neck sexy Paul formed a mutually reinforcing impact and showing sexy Body in the elegant, high-light the shadow of the clavicle is the beauty of the skin increased the tempo of the rhythm, looming in the breast shape is perfect to highlight even more the bride and the capacity of fiber Run skinny beautiful features.

Slender legs

If you have a pair of slender legs real flesh and blood even, even the knees are born too sleek, smooth skin, not the least bit of regret fat and rough skin, smart bride, Come show them boldly, because it really is God gives you a lucky gift.

Both types of short section near Evening Dresses, or long and short in front, perspective or side open dress, can be the perfect showcase to the maximum extent the bride beautiful legs. Meanwhile, the petite bride, is also very suitable for this light and lively style, the show does not lose to the proportion of T sets of beautiful models.

Choose to display long legs, then legs, the skin is very eye-catching presence, including exfoliation, massage, removal of edema, whitening important lessons, etc., often months in advance will be carried out again. Also, choose a pair of beautiful wedding shoes, also need to put on the agenda was.

The temptation to back the United States

For the bride, one can show their sexy back beautiful wedding, it is very worthy of consideration. Imagine, line extension, but smooth and soft white smooth curve back slightly in the first yarn under cover, will be the matchless beauty of the landscape it.

Whether it is a simple halter dress, or the hollow behind the design of the wedding, exposing the back of the line and the skin is unavoidable. This not only test the bride for their level of confidence back muscles, skin care is also on the main event, after all, to kill off acne and acne, can be described as a huge project. But if you can have like a beautiful mermaid princess back, is not all to pay to have the value of the ticket value back to it.


Perfect Curve

Yingying a grip of the slender waist, rounded hips and full breasts, such as mildly flowing graceful posture, yet slim body abundance. Slim patch those wonderful fish-tail Red Wedding Dresses, that is, the devil in order to have the perfect preparation for your curves.

Jinzhai fit tailoring, is aimed at the bride's self-confidence and diet on the body will repair the body launched a powerful offensive. But when you dressed like a confident posture curve highlights the perfect wedding in front of everybody, I believe the title of such praise the goddess, should be merged into the audience most enthusiastic voice!

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