Elements of popular wedding

Want to add to your big day more impressive elements? Want your wedding fashion and trendy it? The following season marked the biggest fashion trends, with a look.

New 3D paper
This menu really jumped out from the plate, but it is, but 3D. This interesting interaction can now be applied to make seating cards, menu cards and wedding date tips. Just do not forget to provide the right glasses

New ice cake
Before the wedding there will be bright candy sandwich, and now as improved dessert, sparkling and crystal sugar flower decorated with four large cake delicious and seductive.

New Photo Gallery
You can show family albums to make their own wedding full of personality: the couple from childhood photographs from various periods, and even parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents wedding photo. Out rules, and create their own charm. Some interesting classic photos, capture the photos are a good choice.

New party food
After dinner, went to the cocktail hour. Everyone loves sweets, many guests choose to pack away the vegetables tempura (just as those wrapped in newspaper and green beans in the same).

New no flower bouquet
Flowers will always be everyone's favorite, but now is another name for oneself in the moment of a material. Cotton! Yes, that such a plant. Its first appearance, looks white and fluffy, soft texture, great texture.

New ribbon
DIY enthusiasts, come meet your new friends. With Japan "and the paper" made of "happy belt" includes you can imagine the colors of the various shapes of paper tape. Compared to traditional tape, it was thinner, and easier to use. Look, these boxes, bags and sealed envelopes quickly folded out. What used to be such a type never before!

New Calligraphy
If we say that graffiti is a new calligraphy, you will think of the kind of mess up the original? Certainly not. More artists using unconventional methods of writing, more is always to say that their avant-garde fashion statement.

New whistle music
This is comparable to DJ shouted, "Finally a dance" more interesting. It sounded more like the voice of paper garlands, balloons still ringing off the hook sound. If the party must end, at least to "bang" to end soon, to discuss a bustling festive luck.

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